Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nothing Sews like a Bernina…

I seriously think I am going to start a goofs page.  This is my latest:

IMG_0255.JPG (2)

Yes, that’s  a Clover pin that I sewed right through.  Even Jack the Ripper had a tough time with that one. I am happy to report that there were no casualties.  The needle was quietly retired to be used later as a picture hanger.  

This week, I was working on finishing up a quilt top for a challenge that Dragon Threads is hosting.  Leave it to me to decide to do a bias cut, on point, setting triangles quilt pattern for my first pieced quilt.  I'll show more pics next week, but here is a preview:

Good shot ot points and cotrnerstone
Happy sewing this week! 

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  1. LOLOL!!

    This is your first pieced quilt? It's gorgeous. :) Love that coleus fabric.