Sunday, January 13, 2013

NewFO 2013

For those of you that don’t know what a NewFO is it is an attempt for us Newbies to not be left out.  I mean, check it out – everywhere you look there are all kinds of Linky parties going on celebrating the piles of UFO’s out there.  (a whole nother topic of discussion for one of these days.)  I mean, there must be a bazillion lonely, disconnected blocks out there.  Anyway, I digress.   If you are a new quilter/sewer/embroiderer, you are probably still in the mode of trying to complete everything before starting something new.   We say – balderdash!  (Really, we do say that..)

So a very clever lady by the name of Barbara over at Cat Patches has started a linky party for us.   Here are my pledges for the year.  Please note – I am still trying to complete my 1989 New Years resolution to stop procrastinating so I am limiting my pledge to only 9.  A good compromise, I think.  
January – a new rug for my bathroom
Bathroom Rug
February – a new bag for me, and an excuse to play with leather
IMG_0195.JPG (3)
March – a new quilt – because I KNOW I will have all my BOM’s caught up
IMG_0196.JPG (3)
April – speaking of BOM’s…
IMG_0194.JPG (3)
May – a wall hanging for my office.   I’m sure it will be great even though I’ve never done paper piecing
IMG_0197.JPG (3)
June -  nifty hat for me.  Just in case I do decide to start golfing again
Cool Hat
July – No excuse not to ride my bike to the store (wearing my nifty hat)
No Excuse not to shop
August – Another BOM to ensure I will  have sufficient UFO’s for next year!
Silly Dogs
September – November – Remember to start the Christmas stuff sooner than Christmas Eve!
Frosty Foloics

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