Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nice Surprises

Ok, I'm a bit late with the 2012 recap, and I'm so new to the whole quilting/embroidering/blogging deal that it's a bit daunting to try to capture it all. But, I had some really nice surprises in December, that I would be really remiss if I didn't acknowledge them.

First of all - thanks to Michelle over at Quilting Tutorials, who was kind enough to host the 2012 Christmas Quilt show, I was the winner of an ASF Beam and Read Light. It's a great hands free light, which I've been using while knitting and watching TV - it's great! I'll post more on that later.



(Be sure to check out Michelle's blog by clicking on the link above. She has the most amazing FREE block. You won't want to miss it!)

Secondly, I took a second leap of faith and committed to

Craftsy Gemini's winter Mug Rug Swap.

My swap partner, Emily, sent me the most beautiful mug rugs. Can you believe that killer piecing? Mad skills, don't you think? (Eat you heart out, these are mine!)

IMG_0249.JPG (2)IMG_0250.JPG (2)


IMG_0252.JPG (2)






These are the ones I did for her. I thought a SoCal Girl could use a taste of winter so I stitched her some:

My Mug Rug for the Swap Mug Rug for Emily (2)

The nicest surprise of all was making a new friend, so thank you Vanessa for hosting such a great event!

So, Happy New Year everyone! I hope the rest of the year continues to be filled with Nice Surprises!

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