Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February NewFO


So hard to believe that February has flown by...time to post the results (or lack thereof) to the 2013 NewFO challenge being hosted at Cat Patches.

This month I participated again in the Sassaman Challenge. This time the challenge was to complete a quilt top using Jane Sassamans' Ocean Wave recipe. So – Ta Da! I actually completed quilt top #2.5. The great news is that I now actually have something to baste and quilt and bind, OH MY!

Here is that little gem:

Sassaman Challenge 2a

Secondly, I started and completed (sort of) my first blog hop challenge. I signed up for the lovely Madam Samm's All About Me Hop. I made the following tote bag out of my little block and filled it with FABRIC! The unfinished part is that I am still trying to visit all of the participant sites. The results are amazing. If you want to see all the entries, you can check them out on Pinterest 

all about me challenge (7)

I did a tiny (teeeny teeeny tiny) bit of FMQ work on my Express Your Love quilt that Leah Day has been leading. My goal of quilting daily has gone a bit awry. But she does look rather lovely hanging on my wall, spewing threads accusingly at me.  I promise you, I will do her proud (someday).

Bastint the goddess quilt

Now, I’m not keeping count, but I do have the 2 “promised” starts that I had assigned  myself:

January – new rug for the bathroom – um not started.  Well kind of – I did buy the fabric.

February – start my first leather bag project – ummmm not started.   I did buy the fabric – the half cow I mentioned in a previous post.  And another 2 yards of pink leather just in case. 

So that’s where I am.   For March – I have some interesting things coming up.   Stay tuned, because if you're reading this and not sewing, you’re not finishing anything either.  Smile

Have a great week -


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  1. These are great projects. Love what you did with your "me".